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          Coronavirus Information
          Latest updates: Visit the University's COVID-19 website for important updates and guidance on working, teaching, and learning remotely.

          COVID-19 symptoms or exposure? Find out what to do if you or a close contact have symptoms or think you may have been exposed.

          Today’s top news stories

          illustration of Coronavirus.
          How do you slow a pandemic
          504 Gateway Time-out
          family with small child drawing at a kitchen table
          ‘Children need to feel empowered’
          person blowing their nose.
          Is it allergies?

          504 Gateway Time-out

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          What’s your Rochester Effect?

          Rochester is a way of thinking. Always pushing and questioning, learning and unlearning.

          Disrupting the world as we know it, fueled by the relentless quest to improve humankind.

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          Watch as Rochester reaches for our goal
          Person holding a handwritten sign with a United Way logo that reads BECAUSE I LOVE GIVING BACK TO THOSE IN NEED.

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